archivo42Personal Trainer CertificationMountain biking in the Costa Blanca is an amazing experience at any time of the year, whether in the warm sunny splendour of summer or the cool refreshing climes later in the year. Spain is the second most mountainous country in Europe, and has much to offer mountain bikers of any level, from complete beginner or part-time enthusiast to seasoned professional. The many peaks of the Costa Blanca provide limitless options for enjoying awe-inspiring views, and for testing your mettle against the wilds of nature. The region is replete with off-road trails, leading through mountainous ridges, rocky ravines and beautiful valley landscapes. Established mountain biking paths of varying difficulty levels weave through forest and road, offering an unforgettable experience. There are also a number of mountain biking clubs in the area, in which you can meet like-minded people with whom to share your biking stories and get tips on the area. You can usually enquire about these in the local bike shop. The town of Abdet, in the Northern Costa Blanca, is a perfect base for mountain bikers and hikers alike, offering numerous trails for anyone to explore. The Serella Grand Traverse is a challenge for the experienced biker, dipping and climbing through forest and peak. With a length of 40km over mountain track and roads, the path is an arduous one, but on a clear day it promises grandiose mountain views to revel in. The Obria Solaro route is an easier option for the less experienced, lasting around three hours and traversing less steep and punishing slopes. If you fancy a real challenge and the opportunity to push yourself to the max, the Finestrat Mountain Biking Circuit near Abdet gives you all this and more. A 40 km ride ascending to a height of two thousand metres, this route takes in some of the regions best mountain views. You’ll be dog-tired by the end of the day and your muscles may well scream for rest, but the panoramic views of azure skies against the backdrop of lush green peaks make the endurance worth it. Good mountain biking can also be found near the campus, where steady downhill slopes provide the opportunity to marvel at the region’s splendour. Javea, a 40 mins drive by car is a mecca for mountain bikers and adventure sports enthusiasts from around the world. The Costa Blanca truly is an excellent place to go mountain biking!